About Baba Peculiar

Prophet James Kunle Hephzibah , Baba Peculiar as he is popularly called was born into the family of Ogunjimi  from Ilesha, Osun state Nigeria in the year 1976 on October, 16.

His father Iyiade Ogunjimi resided in Ibadan, Oyo State  where he worked as a school headmaster, he  was married but unable to bear a male child and after multiple trials they sought spiritual guidance which led to the discovery that the only way he could bear a male child was to marry another wife because the child coming as refused to come through the 1st wife.

After much persuasion he decided to adhere to the directions and through revelation the child that was to come directed them to the woman through whom he would be born, who was a Lagos residence while he resided in Ibadan but the child told them how to locate her and where to locate her.

At the time she was also married but it was prophesied that when Mr. Iyiade Ogunjimi was set to have her as his wife her husband will pass on which was the exact case. They tied the knot in secrecy and she conceived and gave birth to a male child, the child stayed in Lagos with his mother till he was 3 years old and it was time to introduce him to his step mother, he was taken to Ibadan to be introduced to his family but his wicked step mother poison his food with charm so as to kill him, he ate and died.

The family prepared to bury him but before they did it was decided by the family  to inform the prophet that prophesied  the birth of the child, on hearing this terrible news the prophet instructed that the child must not be buried until his arrival, while waiting on the prophet on the 3rd day of the boy’s death at around 8pm in the night the boy came back to life to the surprise of the whole family and this kept them all in dread of the boy; not quite long the prophet arrive and spoke of the great assignment ahead of the boy which caused such wicked act to perpetrated on him.

That little boy of then is now known as Baba Peculiar who God has been using to perform great works through his prophetic auction upon his life.

He is the founder of the Peculiar God’s Glory Ministry International, he is married to Princess Roseline Hephzibah and together they adorable children; praise Hephzibah (female) , Kingsley Hephzibah (male), Austine King(male) and  Maxwell Hephzibah(male).

He has ministered at numerous crusades within (Nigeria) and outside the country with great miracles and souls won to the glory of God. Under his administration Peculiar Ministry has its branches in 4 states in the country (Nigeria), with affiliations in different parts of the world.